“Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference.”

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Anonymous said: Miss Q, I noticed na some of the clothes/shoes na binebenta mo sa online shop ay pre-loved mo na (stalker sa instagram ootds mo hahaha) pero ang expensive pa rin huhu tas walang nakasulat na pre-loved. <///3

So sorry! I try to keep the caption short kasi (product and price only) kasi based from my experience, nakakatamad basahin ‘pag masyadong madaming nakalagay. And most people naman who are interested with the items ask on viber if it’s brand new or preloved and I tell them naman the codition of the item with all honesty! I didn’t think it was a big deal not to put kasi when I talk to interested buyers na, I tell them naman. :) with regards to pricing, it really depends on me! HAHA most items na preloved din kasi, used once or twice lang ‘tas hindi maganda fit sa akin or hindi na kasya. Wala namang akong binenta na pinaglumaan ko na! And preloved items are still relatively cheaper compared to brand new ones. Anyway, I’m closing the shop na. Sorry if I inconvenienced you in any way. :)

Anonymous said: Hi! Im on a bit of a crisis right now. I really want to take up this certain class, and it isnt acads related. See im majoring on a pretty time demanding course and i was never the disciplined type when it comes to scheds. Id sleep thru the day and this certain class requires 9-11 am attendance. Idk whether i can do it or not. But i really want to, and it's pretty expensive so i cant afford to slack off if i ever take it. What should i do? Should i, or nah?

DO IT!!! I get you when it comes to being “never the disciplined type” haha but it’s still better to at least try to make things happen so you’d have no regrets! :) I kind of experienced this before when I tried to pursue skin diving. I really REALLY wanted to go places (esp beaches), take nice pictures (underwater), and dive!!! I applied to a skin diving org, took skin diving as my PE class, and swam every morning before my 8:30AM class. Also bought expensive diving equipment. It took A LOT of effort and my grades suffered more than their usual suffering lol and I ended up in a situation wherein I had to choose between a skin diving test or studying for a major exam. Of course, I chose acads. :( HUHU and now every time I see photos of the org during coastal clean-ups etc, I get really jealous. But I can also tell myself that at least I TRIED. So I say, go for it!!! Don’t underestimate yourself and assume that you can’t do it. The fact that you really want to tells me that you should really take the chance. Maybe it would even push you to not slack off even more! If things don’t go as planned, we just have to accept that it’s not meant to be. If things go well, update me! :) BEST OF LUCK!!


Thanks for my whole childhood


Thanks for my whole childhood

This might be the hormones talking but I just have to put it here… Gian is the best boyfriend ever especially during PMS. Here are the reasons why:

● He supplies me with different kinds of chocolate.
● He lets me eat bacon even if I’m supposed to be on a diet.
● And when guilt comes in, he says “Okay lang ‘yan, magkakaroon ka na eh. I love you!”
● He hugs me tight even if he doesn’t know why I started crying out of nowhere.
● And starts laughing with me when I tell him it’s because the dog I saw was too cute.
● He tolerates my millions of “I’m so sad, I don’t know why” texts.
● He’s the most willing person to do a pain-reliever-pill-or-napkin run.
● He lets me watch crappy TV shows.
● He volunteers to prepare my hot compress.
● He mastered the art of tip-toeing when I get waaay too crazy.
● He accompanies me all day when I have severe dysmenorrhea even if there’s no talking involved — just me sleeping and him reading a book while patiently waiting for me to feel better.

Idk what I did right to deserve this kind of blessing from God..

Brb just gonna cry all these feels #hormonesyabetch

“A strong marriage rarely has two strong people at the same time. It is a husband and wife who take turns being strong for each other in the moments the other feels weak.”

“If you’re bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things - you don’t have enough goals. -Lou Holtz”

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Anonymous said: Ate Q pano ba bumili sa Zalora? :( hahaha

Ay, idk. I never buy there. But if the payment options are the same with voucher sites, bank deposits are easy to do naman! :)

Anonymous said: Thank you for the tip about the boyfriend thjng down there! One follow up, is it healthy if we talk everyday...? Orrr not HAHAHAHA. :( :( san ka po magmed school?

Sure! I think, kanya-kanya na iyan eh. I know some couples, as in legit couples, na hindi everyday nag-uusap. It’s just not their thing. Also, my sister and her boyfriend rarely talk anymore due to their busy scheds but they get by naman. I’m pretty clingy when it comes to him though but I don’t bug him whenever he’s playing video games etc and vice versa! We still value our alone time and we don’t like being annoyingly bugged when the other doesn’t reply. I hate it!!! HAHAHA except if kunyari hindi pa siya nakakatext na nakauwi na siya, minsan nagwoworry ako na baka may nangyari na sa kanya while driving, ganun. Safety reasons. I guess, ‘di rin namin maiwasang hindi mag-usap everyday since we take the same subjects and we always check up on each other kung nakaaral na ba, etc. :)

UST, UE or maybe Ateneo sana!

Anonymous said: Do you always go on coffee dates with Gian? Omg I love your life

Do you wanna go on a coffee date with Gian, too? Chauzz hehe

Pretty much, yeah. :) I think we’ll be like this till we grow old and wrinkly. As in ‘yung tipong grandparents chillin’ peg — Gian reading the newspaper and me, probably instagramming (which will be like a super vintage way of sharing photos online by then HAHA)

P.S. Funny doe because we’re actually in a coffee shop right now! This has been our thing ever since eh. We don’t talk much, we just enjoy our coffee in silence together. Best way to unwind and relax. :)