Anonymous said: did u take bio 11? ano grade mo? hehe

Of course I did! HEHEHEHE I forgot na but basta like of 2 lol

Anonymous said: Do you have haters online?

Not much, thankfully! May nagsabi sa akin nung high school na mataba ako after modelling for an event pero lol nakakatawa na isipin now kasi sobrang mas mataba na ako ngayon HAHHAHAHA. Also, his ex ka-thing (‘di ko alam ano label nila) used to post bad stuff about me before pero hindi naman ako masyadong naapektuhan kasi hindi totoo! Like, nagsesex daw kami sa school eh hindi pa nga kami nagfifirst kiss nun hehe siguro misinterpretations and miscommunication din kasi. No one to blame! Nabother lang ako where it came from pero wala rin kasing madudulot masaktan sa mga bagay na alam mo naman sa sarili mong hindi totoo. :)

Anonymous said: heavy talaga lahat ng eps ng grey's!! i cry in every episode. EVERY. pero minsan naman tears of joy so k lang haha

HAHAHAHA I miiiiss!!!!! Nagstop ata ako nung namatay si George kasi ‘di ko kinaya… lels

My first and only typography hehe photo not mine!

My first and only typography hehe photo not mine!

Anonymous said: Ilan na uno mo?

Konti pa lang hihi at least meron though at hindi lang isa o dalawa! At hindi lang PE HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said: Q! You can always do 4, 5, 7 and 9 dun sa list! Be happy!! :) Happy happy summer to you :)

Awwwww I guess so! I just always imagine myself kasi na nasa iba’t ibang pretty places worrying nothing & taking pretty pictures. I guess I should just make do with what I have right now. :) thanks so much and happy summer to you, too!!!

Anonymous said: Are your siblings also doctors? What specialization? :)

My sister is! OB-GYN!

Anonymous said: What is your lowest grade?

Failing grade! Hehehe

queenfinityandbeyond said: Hi Queena! I really really love reading your blog and I also enjoy listening to the compiled songs on your playlist :) you might also wanna check mine for some songs :D Just dropping by. Have a nice day!

Loooove your songs! Medj iba tayo but I like listening to new ones + your tumblr is hassle-free when it comes to your playlist! I visit your blog from time to time para may instant background music playlist ako. :)

Anonymous said: q, do you watch grey's anatomy? i'd be so surprised kung hindi, it's the perfect show for you!

I used to! As in grade school pa ako nun. ‘Tas my parents made me stop watching nung dumami na ang sex scenes. Haha! Kinda hard to catch up now doe kasi super dami ko nang namiss and heavy ang bawat episode. Hanggang season 5 ata ako? Hope I can catch up soon! :)